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Tightrope Walking Robot Toy

Color: Green
Tightrope Walking Robot Toy

Tightrope Walking Robot Toy

  • Material: Plastic
  • Function: Science and Education
  • Gyro Combination Form: Single

Game Instructions:

  1. Open the trolley toy and place it on the shelf to make it run at a constant speed.
  2. After the speed is stable, carefully position the wheel groove on the rope.
  3. Watch in amazement as the tightrope walking robot slowly navigates along the rope, showcasing its balancing skills.

Note: The glasses are stickers that need to be applied by oneself.

Experience the wonders of science and education with our Tightrope Walking Robot Toy. This engaging and educational toy not only provides entertainment but also introduces the principles of balance and coordination in a fun and interactive way. Let the adventure begin as the robot confidently walks the tightrope, capturing the imagination of both young and curious minds.