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Two Pack Ice Scrapers for Car

Quantity: Q1 pair
Two Pack Ice Scrapers for Car

Two Pack Ice Scrapers for Car



1. Convenient and practical, easy to carry, great use of small tools

2. Reasonable design. The design of the whole snow shovel is in accordance with the principle of mechanics. The shovel head also has a protruding snow guide groove, which can remove the snow and frost falling on the car glass without effort. The selection of the material of the shovel head is reasonable, the hardness is moderate, and it will not leave scratches on the glass.

Instructions for use: 
1. Hold the frost shovel handle firmly so that the shovel head is close to the windshield;
2. Form a 10-70 degree angle between the rear side of the shovel head and the glass;
3. Move up and down or left and right to eliminate frost.
Note: Do not use for cleaning the body.
Use range:
Winter ice removal and snow removal 


Color: blue

weight: 0.066kg

Size: 14.5*6.5 inches 

Package Content:

1 x Ice Scrapers